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botox needle


To Botox or not…that is the question (just not for me!)

I am 36 years old and I have small children. Lack of sleep comes as part of the furniture these days, so  waking up looking de-puffed and maintaining a wrinkle free brow as I go about my day really just isn’t an option at this age and stage in my life!  I often look  tired…and the bags beneath my eyes regularly feel more like suitcases I’m hiding beneath the Touch Eclat .

A few years ago, I started thinking about Botox..I’d heard enough friends rave about it..and I have to say, the friends that have done it (of which there are MANY), all seem to have located pretty decent aestheticians, because not one of them looks startled or anything other than natural, and to be honest, pretty damn good. I can’t afford Botox, but then I can’t afford lots of things I commit to in my life..I have always been someone that doesn’t mind a decent bit of credit facility..so it isn’t the cost that puts me off climbing up onto the Botox band wagon…so what exactly is it that is holding me back?

A friend once described feeling as though she had woken up looking like she’s had ‘a million hours of sleep’ after her Botox…and for someone with one under 2 years and a new born baby, looking as though you have had a greedy amount of sleep sounds too good to turn down, no??

As a nation, we are mildly obsessed with eating ‘clean’ (whatever that means)…we scour the backs of packets to seek out any hidden nasties  and organic skincare is BIG business.  At a time when even natural haircare is trending, is it slightly ironic that so many of us have such a relaxed attitude to injecting botulinum toxin (even the name sounds nasty) into our faces? I am no judger – as I say, I have seen first hand how, when done well, Botox can have amazing results…but for me, Facial Yoga really is a no brainer.  We spend hours sweating it out at the gym to tone the muscles in our body to keep us looking firm and ‘tight’ – so why are we so lazy with our faces?! I think a lot of people maybe just don’t know enough about Facial Yoga (cue the reason we set up Luminous-london.com). However, if I can sit in front of Netflix on my sofa for 20 mins every night, pulling the odd funny looking face and giving my face a good old massage, to achieve the same results as having Botox…I’m sold, no needles or large credit card bills required!

Camilla X