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Our Story

Luminous Face Yoga was born because I wanted to share my holistic approach to facial health with other like-minded people who want to look as healthy and happy as they can throughout their life, but without an enormous price tag or losing the character that makes our faces unique to each of us!

face yoga technique for forehead

In my thirties, I began to notice that the stress of work, children and general age-related factors was beginning to take its toll on my face, so I started researching natural methods for maintaining that healthy, youthful glow, that wouldn’t cost the earth, and where the effects were long-lasting and the efforts were sustainable. I was fascinated by the concept of Face Yoga from the start; it seemed a complete no-brainer that the facial muscles need a work out in order to stay toned and plump, and that boosting the circulation in the face would inevitably lead to a more glowing complexion. In addition, it is well known that we carry so much stress in the face and neck, so it makes complete sense to take the time to relax these muscles and release the tension that, in time, leads to wrinkles and a dull complexion – not to mention the endless benefits for your mind too.

Having completed training to become accredited Face Yoga practitioners, with further diplomas in natural face lift massage, Gua Sha, Indian Head Massage, and Reiki; I have been evangelical about both the results, and how easily it can be fitted into daily life. I couldn’t believe more people didn’t know about the benefits of something so low cost and easy to do, and with no pain attached! I invite you to join Team Luminous – where you will learn how to sculpt and tone with the Luminous team (from home!)