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The Benefits of Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a holistic approach to looking and feeling great, using face exercise, face massage, relaxation, nutrition and general wellness. If you commit to a regular face yoga routine you will find the benefits are extraordinary, leaving you feeling confident and quite simply, luminous!

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Membership Perks

When you join our membership programme you will have access to:

  • Live face yoga classes
  • Catch up service
  • 24/7 access to the relaxation hub
  • 10 targeted face yoga programmes
  • On hand face yoga and wellness experts and coaches
  • Exclusive member discounts on beauty and wellness brands
  • Be a part of our Luminous community.

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Membership includes:

Daily guidance through easy to follow six week programmes featuring techniques in face exercise, face massage (both with hands and facial massage tools), face acupressure, energy work and facial relaxation, as well as a personal progress tracker and progress picture gallery


Video programmes and routines

Targeted face yoga programmes and routines

Membership perks

Monthly discounts on beauty and wellness brands

Live classes

Weekly Luminous Live Classes

Expert advice

Regular advice from wellness, beauty and nutrition experts

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Your Luminous path to results

Does it work? Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at some ‘before and after’ photos to see how transformative Face Yoga can be. Read our lovely member testimonials and while you’re there, you’ll also find some scientific studies proving the benefits of face exercise, face massage and relaxation.

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