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Testimonials from our members

Hear what our subscribers really think of us! These testimonials come from our lovely Luminous Face Yoga members. In recent survey, 90% said they would recommend us to a friend and 90% also said that they have noticed positive changes in their face since joining Luminous.

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“My husband has already commented on how much younger I look after one session!” Sara Cook, Luminous Member since Jan 2021

“I have made my membership fee back through the brand discounts alone!” Sally, Luminous Member since Jan 2020

“You girls are geniuses. Every day I see some benefit, it’s easy, natural and it’s affordable.” Ranjit, Luminous Member since March 2020

“I LOVE this programme!” Alyssa, Luminous Member since Jan 2021

“I LOVE it! I am on day 8 of Kickstarter and it is so meditative.” Becky, Luminous Member since Jan 2020

“I was on a bit of a downer today but I did my face yoga and felt so much better!” Sandra, Oslo

“I am loving my membership” Anne, Luminous Member since Feb 2021

“The routines are very, very good. It is so great to have the routines planned out in this way. The site is excellent.” Caroline, Luminous Member since March 2021

I cannot stop recommending it when I look at my skinny happy face”, Ana, Luminous Member since Feb 2021

I am thrilled with the results of the little facial yoga I have done. My muscles in the right hand side of my face going from the shoulder right up to the skull very tight  A bang on the head years ago breaking a shelf in half in the process has left me challenged and in pain. 

Just the one exercise of rolling my tongue around the inside of the mouth has released so much tension.  Kathryn McInnes

“My face and soul thank you for the beautiful exercises and the amazing customer experience” Ana

“Hi Philippa, I just want to say how impressed I am with the progress and difference I can see with my face. With only 3 weeks between the photos, the difference in the wrinkles around my eyes is amazing. All this is down to Luminous Face Yoga. Thank you for a great programme.”