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Face yoga benefits

We combine face exercise, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation to give safe, anti-ageing results. Just as our body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, so too do the muscles in our face and neck; if these muscles are lifted and firmed, the skin attached to these muscles is also lifted and tightened, which irons out those fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your face feeling healthy and radiant.

The science behind Face Yoga

We will teach you how to boost blood flow, lymphatic drainage and collagen production to the face. Additionally, face yoga teaches you to be conscious of your facial muscles, enabling you to relax (or keep still) some of the muscles in the face, because these muscles are responsible for enabling the face to frown – and repetitive frowning or raising your eyebrows is what leads to wrinkles and fine lines forming in certain areas of the face.

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How Face Yoga Works

Face Yoga works all three layers of the skin which increases blood circulation. This in turn nourishes, and brings more oxygen to the upper layer of skin, leaving you with a glowing and healthy complexion. We teach you massage techniques to stimulate the production of the collagen and elastin, and to also improve lymphatic drainage, helping to remove toxins and excess fluid from your face and neck. All your face yoga questions answered!

Tone and strengthen your face muscles

On the flipside, there are muscles that we need to strengthen and tone, in order to keep the skin above them firm and tight. It is interesting to get a visual understanding of the muscles in the face in order to get the most out of the exercises we practise in facial yoga.

How regularly do I need to do Face Yoga?

We suggest you try to do about 10 minutes of Face Yoga 6 days a week – consistency is key for achieving the best results; however, we understand this isn’t always possible so do what you can – the results will just take longer.

Before and after gallery

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before and after face yoga before and after face yoga
before face yoga face yoga progress

Wellbeing and relaxation

Face Yoga is entirely natural and the techniques we use are non-invasive. Face Yoga also puts great emphasis on relaxation and wellbeing techniques to calm the mind and de-stress the body.

How quickly will I see results

If you learn to be conscious of how you are using your face, and correct bad habits using face yoga techniques, you will see and feel some difference straight away. Your muscles will also feel they have had a work out and your face will look more energised and glowing.

Results timeline

5 pillars for lasting results

Luminous Face Yoga embodies 5 key elements in order to provide holistic facial health. Our 5 pillars for delivering lasting and sustainable results:

  • Face Exercise
  • Face Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Relaxation
  • Wellness

Don't just take our word for it...

You may be interested to read some scientific studies that evidence the fact that regular facial exercise and facial massage really do make you face appear more youthful, less lined and with an improved complexion. You can read these studies here and here.