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“This Is Mothership” talk skin care and beauty hacks…

The Mothership LadiesSamantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger, AKA. “This Is Mothership,” have been some of our favourite beauty/lifestyle/mum vloggers for some time now…their content is really relatable and it always comes with a good dollop of humour…! If you follow them you will already know that these girls know their way around a beauty product or two! Their skincare recommendations are always affordable and informative…so it’s fair to say we were pretty delighted when they agreed to let us interview them! Enjoy X

We suspect we know the answer to this one, as you’re both mums (!) but would you say you are night owls or early birds? And how does this affect your beauty routine?

Total early birds. We are super productive between 6am and 8am and get loads done!!

What’s the first thing you do when you get up?

A wee – 4 babies between us, our bladder control isn’t brilliant 🙂

Do you have any beauty time-saving hacks?

A red lip and sunglasses instantly makes you look like you’ve got your sh!t together.

Do you have a hero product you absolutely swear by?

Becca Under Eye Corrector – we’ve both been huge fans for years. Sam introduced it to Gemma around 4 years ago and it’s totally brilliant for covering bags and brightening eyes.

What’s the most important part of your bedtime routine?

A night cream must never be missed. It takes 30 seconds to apply but will do all its hard work whilst we sleep.

Do you have any special beauty rituals?

We both love a sheet mask. Any product that is multitasking – we often put it on, do the washing up or empty the laundry, then take it off.

What are your earliest beauty memories?

Both our mums were beauty therapists. Sam’s mum worked in a Decleor salon, and Gemma’s mum ran her business from home, so we’ve both been around it for years.

How has your philosophy around self-care and beauty changed over the years?

We take so much more pride in skincare now, as we notice signs of ageing. And realised that face wipes are the devil!

Which beauty trends do you wish would just go away?

We tend to not follow trends too much – we know what works for us.

What beauty products do you pack with you for a weekend away? Any strategies when you don’t have your full arsenal with you?

We love miniatures and we could happily just take away a pouch of Elemis minis, plus sunglasses and a red lip, obvs!!