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The best sunscreen brands for your skin by super facialist Jeanie Scott

jeanie scott skin care therapist guruA quick note on sunscreen from Jeanie!

“As a Skin Therapist, my job is to read your skin’s past, work with your skin’s present health and to guide it to a healthy future. And I couldn’t be more passionate after 15 years in the business, about it and the many varied, fascinating and hugely successful approaches to doing so.” Jeanie Scott

SUNDAY is 18 DEGREEES! It’s the best thing that has happened since we all put 2019 to bed as a bit of a crap one and danced (oblivious) into 2020! Wish I’d stuck with the typically British mantra, “expect the worst”…it’s a fail safe and allows you, even when it all crashes down, to at least be smug. But it’s not a natural fit for me so I’m going back to IT’S 18C ON SUNDAY (here!).

So even though I bang on about daily daylight defence as opposed to just when the sun’s out -for those who just won’t have it – the sun is coming out and you NEED to get out in it and get that Vitamin D so you need to be savvy with it.

So many of you are struggling with dry, flaky, pale and breakout prone skin with the current isolation conditions. Really try where possible to take that daily allowance of exercise outside…even if just a quick walk (I know. I have 2 small boys and there hasn’t been a “quick walk” since 2013) as it’s SO vital for your skin (eyes, hair, nails) to generate that vitamin D synthesis and help restore health and balance. But for those of us who haven’t seen sun in 8 months and tend to see that 18 degrees as a green light to make up for that all in one day, be careful to protect against the UV. All the UV.

Here are a selection of my faves. There is something there for all types, conditions, ages, budgets and preferences Ultra Sun 50spf as one of my fave broad spectrum facial screens Helios 360 as an oil free gel for sensitive, breakout prone and oilier skins La Roche Posay anthelios mineral formulation for sensitive/reactive skin Dermalogica for a dewy fresh finish, great hydration and targeting skin health besides sun protection Ultra Sun sports spray. Untouchable! Ran a marathon in African heat with one application of this at the start. Skin was the only thing that didn’t hurt the next day. Sportspeople: you need this! Aveeno for babies and young children. Zinc Oxide is a wonder block, anti inflammatory and antibacterial. So kind and great value Aldi Lacura range is an EXCELLENT broad spectrum for whole family and great for the wallet Dermalogica invisible physical protection for mineral fans with NO white residue.

Jeanie Scott is our wonderful resident skincare guru and there isn’t much she doesn’t know about keeping your skin looking its best! Every month we will select some of our member’s skincare questions for Jeanie to answer in our ‘Ask Jeanie…’column. So if you would like to ask Jeanie a question, please get in touch at info@luminous-london.com