Luminous Face Yoga Monthly Subscription

£9.00 / month

Just £2.25 per week, billed monthly, cancel any time before monthly renewal.

Lift, tone and glow with our expert support.

Can you imagine that feeling when you look in the mirror and your self-confidence actually rises?! THIS is what we are talking about!

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More Info

Luminous will guide and support you every single day as you work towards your face health goals through all this:

  • Weekly interactive live face yoga classes
  • A variety of different targeted six week face yoga programmes
  • Option to book a short 1:1 session with face yoga expert in monthly member clinic
  • Dozens of targeted face yoga routines
  • Downloadable PDF poster of twelve core face yoga techniques
  • Progress tracker with personal photo gallery
  • Monthly discounts on beauty and wellness brands
  • Access to relaxation hub which contains a wealth of tools to reduce anxiety and stress
  • Resident guest expert advice on nutrition and skincare
  • 10% off Luminous face tools

Whether your goal is a glowing complexion, a firm and toned face, a smoother forehead, a face free of tension…or all of these and more…don’t wait for the perfect time, start today! A little face yoga a day goes a long way!

And don’t have any fears about signing up on the customer service front, we are not a faceless company with a call centre in a far off land, we are a small, founder led company who are always on hand to help.


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