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Save or Splurge? Foundations

maybelline foundationMany of us feel that foundation is one of the most important products in our makeup bags and we often expect that this will be one of our biggest makeup investments. However, it is really necessary to splurge on foundation? 

We put the very affordable  Maybelline’s Dream Radiant Liquid with added collagen and hyaluronic acid to the test to see if it stands up against its more expensive competitors…

maybelline foundation reviewPackaging 7/10

The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump action lid. It is perfectly nicely packaged, but no ‘wow’ factor. The pump means that you can easily control the flow of foundation, although it is sometimes difficult to get the last bit out of the bottle. Sometimes this range comes with sticky tape around the lid which isn’t pleasant as leaves a sticky residue.

Usability 9/10

This glides onto the skin very easily, I tend to use my fingers to apply it and I usually apply it over the top of sunscreen and moisturiser. Coverage is fairly light, and one pump tends to be all I use for an average day, but it is easy to layer up if necessary. It seems to work perfectly well in conjunction with other products I use.

Effectiveness 7.5/10

I have found that my skin certainly looks healthy, glowing and radiant when wearing this product and I have had several compliments about my complexion whilst wearing it. I really love the idea of the added Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen to keep the skin hydrated and plump, though the quantities are unknown. The finish particularly appeals for summer skin, but adding some mineral powder can give it a more matt look. In all honesty, I was a fan of the Dream Satin Foundation before they added these two ingredients and I am not entirely sure I have noticed a vast difference. There doesn’t appear to be any SPF in this foundation, although I always wear a high factor sun screen underneath so that doesn’t bother me too much but I wouldn’t apply this product without moisturising the skin first.

chanel vitalumiere foundationI don’t think stands up so well after 4-6 hours, although to be fair, I don’t use a primer on the average day, and setting spray does help it last a bit longer. However, I have other more expensive foundations that endure better. We like the Chanel Aqualumiere Foundation, which I initially bought for my wedding day at a price of £37 for 30ml and lasted well all day.

Value for money 9/10

At only £8.99 per 30ml bottle, I find this product excellent value for money and one of the best low cost foundations on the market.

Verdict: Average Score: 8/10

For a daily foundation and at such a low price tag, this is an excellent product, that I am happy to use daily and feel confident in. However, for more special occasions, events where I need to look really good for more than 5-6 hours or so, or if I know I’ll be filmed or photographed, I’ll reach for a higher price tag foundation that is able to offer a flawless finish as well as endure for a longer period.