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Lockdown recipe: Vegetable and feta traybake

vegetable and feta traybakeWe were planning to do another store cupboard recipe, until we realised that we are finding fresh vegetables far easier to get hold of than long life/store cupboard ingredients! So instead, we are bringing you a really simple, one dish recipe where you can essentially substitute for whatever vegetables need using up. Quantities we used are below, but be brave and trust your own palate, particularly when it comes to the dressing. You may notice from the pic that I threw in some fresh tomatoes at the end along with the feta, they needed using up but I often do this anyway because it adds a lovely freshness to the dish and works particularly well if you are using basil! ngredients: (serves 2 for a complete dinner or 4 for a side dish) Use whatever you have but we used: 2 red peppers 3 garlic cloves (whole but either peeled or not, according to how much you like garlic- see video) 1 large onion, or 2 small! (use red onion if possible) 4 medium potatoes (just wash, don’t peel unless you have to, as the goodness is in the skin) 8 pieces of tender stem broccoli 1 large courgette 1/2 a block of good feta Olive oil salt and pepper Chopped basil or parsley (basil is better for summer vegetables, parsley for winter vegetables but use whatever you have at this point!) 3 tomatoes (optional) Dressing: 2 tbsp olive oil 1-2 shallots very finely diced (onion will do if needed) 1 tsp of mustard 1 – 1, 1/2 tsp honey 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar Salt and pepper Method: Preheat the oven to around 190 degrees celsius Cut the vegetables according to cooking time, e.g. potatoes in smaller pieces Put in a tin and coat with oil salt and pepper Make the dressing by combining all ingredients and whisk Cook the vegetables for 3/4hr-1hr, baste them at least once and check on them regularly after 45 mins Remove when caramelised and the potatoes are soft. Dress with the vinaigrette, crumbled feta and herbs. Chopped fresh tomatoes are optional but a nice edition depending on which vegetables you are using! Toasted pinenuts are also a nice touch if you happen to have some.