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Help & Support

If you can’t find the answer to your query below then please get in touch to send us your questions and feedback. We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Technical FAQs

How will my paymeny details be stored

We use Stripe, a reputable third party provider to handle subscription payments. Luminous London Ltd. does not store any of your payment details

How will my personal data be treated?

We value your privacy and will not share your data with third parties without your expressed consent. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

I’ve forgotten my password

Simply click the ‘forgotten my password’ link on the sign in screen, which will generate an email with a password reset link for you.

Can I download the tutorials to use when I am offline?

Unfortunately you are not able to download tutorials to your phone, tablet or computer.

The tutorial videos keep buffering

We use professional streaming services from Vimeo to ensure everyone has the best possible experience while accessing our tutorials. If are experiencing problems with videos buffering please check your internet connection to ensure there are no issues slowing down your connection.

Can't find the answer you are looking for?

Email philippa@luminousfaceyoga.com and you’ll get a personal response within 24 hours.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?