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Have you heard about this edible anti-ageing solution?

Maxine LacebyMaxine Laceby created Absolute Collagen simply because it worked and no other reason.

Working from her kitchen table when she was 50 years old, going from a happy full-time mum of two daughters to a beauty entrepreneur in just one short year.

Since starting her business, Maxine has become an inspiration for female entrepreneurs around the world and for women in general. Maxine is incredibly passionate about the strengths of women, which often go unrecognized due to what she describes as the humble nature of women, ‘we just get on with the job that needs doing’. We caught up with Maxine to learn more about the science behind liquid collagen and how Maxine has turned Absolute Collagen into such a thriving business.

How does collagen work?

Collagen is essential for plump, youthful and smooth skin but unfortunately at around 25 years, our natural collagen levels start to decline, resulting in sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles, therefore, it is essential to replace this loss of collagen. Our bodies are filled with cells, all of which have specific functions in terms of ensuring everything runs as it should. Fibroblasts have a critical job — they produce collagen. For this to happen, fibroblasts must access amino acids, particularly hydroxyproline, proline and glycine.

Collagen supplements make sure that your fibroblasts get the amino acids they need so that they work effectively.

Absolute Collagen’s liquid collagen is the best way to ensure these fibroblasts are replenished, as they ensure you have collagen in a form that is easy to digest and absorb, so that the vital amino acids are distributed effectively throughout your entire body.

This means you are able to get all of the benefits that collagen provides, and one of these critical benefits is plump, youthful and smooth skin.

absolute collagenWhat makes Absolute Collagen different to other collagen brands out there?

Firstly, Absolute Collagen contains the highest standard of certified marine collagen; this guarantees no antibiotics or hormones are present in our collagen supplement. The collagen we use is hydrolysed collagen peptides, and this means the collagen is broken-down molecules which are easier to digest and have a higher absorption rate than powders or pills. We are 100% natural and contain very few ingredients, collagen is THE star ingredient along with vitamin C which aids absorption, this is because there are no long-term studies on how collagen reacts with other ingredients such as biotin once ingested. We also have the highest amount of collagen in the smallest dose 8,000mg in a small 10ml ready mixed dose.

How often do you need to take it and how long does it take to see results?

Absolute Collagen is your ‘daily dose of beauty’ so one every day is absolutely perfect. Regarding results, everyone is different; some of our absoluters notice results within three days and others may take up to 4 months, this is due to your body sending the collagen to where it is needed the most first. For example; if your gut needs collagen for repair, it will go to you gut for repair before it heads to stimulate the collagen in your fibroblasts; it’s the collagen created in the fibroblasts that are responsible for smooth, dewy skin and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Head over to our website where you can read over 1600 reviews from our Absoluters.

Elastin is another naturally occurring key protein, responsible for supporting firm skin — why do we not see elastin featured in any of these anti-ageing supplements?

Elastin is actually a protein like collagen that’s produced in the same place collagen is, which in the skin is the fibroblasts. Vitamin C, found in Absolute Collagen is excellent at stimulating your body’s natural elastin production. Because of this, ingesting a collagen supplement actually helps stimulate natural elastin production, too. You cannot purchase an ‘elastin supplement’ as such, like you can a collagen supplement, so ingesting ingredients to stimulate elastin production is the best way.

bone brothWe read you started your business boiling up chicken feet and animal bones in your kitchen! how can taking a collagen supplement support skin health over and above simply drinking bone broth?

Yes, I did! However, while that’s how I started, after much research, I soon learned that marine collagen as mentioned above is far superior to any other form of collagen and in order to get the amount of collagen contained in each Absolute Collagen sachet, you would have to drink large volumes of broth.

What do you say in response to press doubting the effectivity of liquid collagen?

There are actually many scientific studies available using collagen. Please click the links below for examples.

We ourselves surveyed 714 customers on week 6 of taking Absolute Collagen; they were not incentivised for their answers:
-76% of people of noticed improved skin (skin hydration, reduction in wrinkles or increased firmness)
-81% of people with hair loss noticed an improvement

What has been your greatest challenge as a female entrepreneur and what advice would you give to anyone looking to start their own beauty business in 2020.

Becoming a female entrepreneur at 50 with no previous career felt as if I was going into battle every single day for the first two years. However, this also had the added advantage of both myself and Absolute Collagen going unnoticed whilst we gained a firm foothold within the industry, becoming the UK’s leading collagen supplement. My advice to anyone starting out is to always remain true to who you are, your beliefs and what you stand for.

absolute collagenWhat is your view on collagen enriched skin care? Can collagen be effective when used topically?

The reason we can now effectively use collagen as a supplement is that it’s hydrolysed, which means broken down into really tiny pieces. Absolute Collagen is hydrolysed to 2000 daltons. This means our bodies can process it and it can be absorbed. Our skin is a barrier and wants to keep foreign bodies out (e.g. UV, chemicals). That being said, molecules larger than 500 daltons cannot penetrate the skin’s surface. I would recommend topical using ingredients that boost collagen and elastin production; vitamin C, or bakuchiol (the natural alternative to retinal). Collagen works topically on the outer layer of the skin, like a collagen facemask before a night out to increase hydration. Still, it will not help long term or boost collagen production.

You offer a different supplement for men and women — what is the difference?

There is no difference! When we initially launched, men were buying the product but reached out to us asking for their own packaging/look. The formula is perfect for all humans, so we simply amended the packaging.

Finally, what is Absolute Collagen doing to support the Black Lives Matter movement moving forward?

While we have made donations to BLM, it has made me personally, and Absolute Collagen as a brand, become more aware of diversity and culture. I think it has made us all sit up, take note and ensure that it is at the forefront of our minds – and quite rightly so. We cannot rewrite history but we need to acknowledge its failings and improve our present and future.

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