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Your skin is a ‘Map of your Gut’ …so what is it trying to tell you?

Kefir milkWatch our interview below with Shann Nix Jones, Founder of the probiotic kefir brand ‘Chuckling Goat.‘  Shann has written several books, including ‘The Good Skin Solution,’ during which she describes why ‘skin disorders’ such as acne are in fact ‘autoimmune disorders’ and why the secret to curing a lot of the common skin complaints we suffer, such as acne and rosacea may actually lie within the gut and not in the quality of your skincare.

Shann also goes on to explain why she believes ‘microbiome testing’ is the future for both general wellness and for the skincare industry too!


Chuckling Goat are the UK’s leading producer of goats milk kefir and kefir skincare.

Traditionally handmade with live grains and goats milk. They leave the kefir unflavoured, so that sweeteners don’t harm the good bugs. This is the strongest, most active kefir on the market!

Your daily dose of live active cultures, and a significant source of B12, phosphorus, calcium and Vitamin A. Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, vision, bones, muscles, immune system, energy yielding metabolism, digestive enzymes and psychological function. Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.  This month we are offering Luminous members 20% off Chuckling Goat products – click here to get your discount code.