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Five minutes with sunless tanning guru, Amanda Harrington

Amanda Harrington tanAmanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected and innovative sunless tanning experts whose personalised and modern approach transforms and sculpts the body, earning her the title “the Michelangelo of tanning” and a cult following and client roster that reads like the who’s-who of Hollywood and London’s elite.

Launching exclusively with Harvey Nichols and after 10 years of research and development Amanda is introducing her first range of sunless tanning products, tan-compatible skincare, and tanning brushes so that everyone can achieve a longer lasting, natural, streak-free, sculpted tan at home.

We are always on the quest for the perfect natural glow, is regular use of fake tan bad for your skin?

Using sunless tan regularly isn’t bad for your skin as long as you are looking after it in other ways around the tan. A lot of tans can contain alcohol in them which can be incredibly drying on the skin and lead to a decrease in the skins elasticity. My range does not have a single drop of alcohol in and instead has Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin. I would say that as long as you are continuing to use an exfoliator in between applications, as well as an oil free moisturiser daily to keep your skins moisture levels topped up then no, it is not bad for your skin.

amanda harrington tanWhen is the best time to apply tan? Night time application can have a damaging effect on white sheets (!) but traditionally, applying tan first thing in the morning is a complete no-no, unless you want to walk around town looking a dubious shade of orange and smelling of biscuit!

I always say that applying the tan at night-time is the best time to apply, because you aren’t going about your day to day activities that could potentially cause the tan to come into contact with water etc. My application technique is very different, I apply tan with a range of curve compatible tanning brushes and this application technique minimises any risk of transferring onto your sheets because the tan is buffed into the skin rather than sitting topically.

Should you ditch your usual skincare regimen in the morning or evening when you apply tan? 

I wouldn’t say that you need to ditch your usual skincare regimen, but you will need to make some changes. AHA’s, retinol and oils cause DHA (tans natural ingredient) to break down faster so you will see the tan fade a lot quicker if you use products with these ingredients in alongside the tan. If they are an essential part of your routine, I would suggest using our Pre-Colour Primer to top up the colour every 2nd day. The primer is gradual tan and is in fact the strongest gradual tan on the market so will keep your glow topped up.

Are there any skin care products that should be avoided post tan? 

Retinol, AHA’s and Oil!

wash faceWhat is the key to achieving a flawless face tan application?

A cleansed canvas. If you are applying tan onto a face that hasn’t been cleansed properly and still has remanence of makeup left on it then your tan won’t sit right. I use our New Skin Face Advanced Glycolic Facial Pads to cleanse and rejuvenate the face before applying the Face Mist.

How far in advance of an event should fake tan be applied?

I always say you should apply tan 2 days before a big event, so it allows a bit of time for the skin to settle and the colour to really adapt to your skin tone. If you’re getting married, I would allow 3 days.

Have you ever had any tan disasters during your career (either personal or client related!)

I was once making my way through a back to back day of client appointments and didn’t pack enough tanning gloves so had to do the last appointment with my bare hands and my brushes. My palms were a new level of tanned…

What has been your biggest challenge since developing the concept of a customisable tint?

I’m a perfectionist so it had to be perfect down to the T. This has meant the tints have gone through rounds and rounds of changes which can often be challenging, but I have finally got there and have the most beautiful formula.

What are your top tips for healthy, glowing skin (non tan related)?

I swear by supplements. Good high potency supplements are key for skin and organ health and I have always relied on them as I know they work. Other tips would be to stay on top of your water consumption, our skin is our body’s largest organ and needs as much hydration as possible. I also have a proper peel once every three weeks at a clinic and a hydra facial once every 6 weeks as they work wonders for me.

Everyone seems so perpetually busy and hectic these days, a large part of facial yoga focuses on relaxation techniques; what are your top tips for finding peace and carving our time for yourself?

Make the time. Too often people claim they do not have the time, but we always have time, we just have to ensure that we put ourselves first. I always prep for bed with a long soak in the bath, it’s the best thing I do to unwind and sets me up for a great sleep.

Have you tried facial yoga?!

I haven’t but I would love to give it a go!