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Did you know that there are two main face types? “Meaty Face” and “Boney Face”

Admittedly, neither sounds particularly desirable…but there are pros and cons of each. People who have a boney face tend to look older than their actual age, because they lose weight from their face first; this can often give the appearance of hollowed cheeks and a person looking much thinner than they  are…which can be ageing.

Meaty faces are the opposite…the meaty benefits include a younger appearance and less fine lines and wrinkles,  because these faces tend to carry more weight. The downside is that often these people can look heavier than their actual weight…and they can be more prone to procuring a double chin.

As we age, we tend to lose some of the fat in our cheeks, and the skin in this area can start to sag. It is hard to gain weight on your face without gaining weight elsewhere on your body, which is why face yoga is so effective.  The exercises we teach work by strengthening and toning the muscles beneath the skin, which lifts and firms the skin above it and helps to iron out fine lines and wrinkles – win win!

Both Philippa and I fall into the boney faced category – we get it from Dad! And now that we are in our mid/late thirties, we are feeling the need to work on adding volume to our cheek area more than ever!

We have lots of exercises to help with this – and lots to combat a double chin – check out our cheek and neck exercise tutorials and get started!

Camilla x