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Before and after progress pictures

Facial yoga - my personal journey

I turned to Facial Yoga as a last resort to improve the look of my face in general, and my forehead in particular, which was looking increasingly lined as a result of years of over-expressing.

I have always been someone who laughs and smiles a lot, and even as a child, my eyes crinkled at the corners, and laughter lines appeared around my mouth when I smiled or laughed. I consider these to be very much part of the uniqueness and character of my face, and therefore they don’t bother me. However, as I found myself entering my early thirties, I was increasingly aware that the lines on my forehead that used to appear when my eyebrows were raised were beginning to take up permanent residence and getting ever more prominent, and it was beginning to undermine my self-confidence.

So many peers have turned to Botox and fillers (often brilliantly naturally done) and I was therefore finding myself comparing my mid-thirties face, with those who have taken more invasive action to roll back the years. Whilst I can’t deny it has crossed my mind, ultimately, Botox and fillers just aren’t for me…

Alongside taking extra interest in my beauty routine and nutrition, I came across Facial Yoga and felt that the science behind it made a huge amount of sense, and that there was very little to use by trying it!

I have been thrilled with the results and just how easily I can fit the exercises into my daily routine. These before and after pictures show how much less lined, tighter and healthier her forehead has become after practicing facial yoga, and the brows and upper eyelids are visibly lifted.

Unlike with quick fix solutions, the results with Facial Yoga are gradual and it isn’t always easy to notice progress when you see your face everyday. That’s why we advise taking regular progress pictures along the way which will really show you the difference you can make, just by learning to tone, massage and relax your face and practising it on a regular basis.

We hope you fall in love with Facial Yoga as much as we have, please do get in touch with your progress pictures, we love seeing your Facial Yoga journeys!

Philippa x