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Are you looking for that ‘no make-up’ dewy glow?

I have never been someone that enjoys a completely no make-up approach; don’t get me wrong, I adhere to the ‘no make-up make-up’ look…and I tend to think less is more; but I also believe I feel better if I am wearing at least some brow pencil and a little tinted moisturiser.

With summer almost here, now is the ideal time to ditch the foundation and reach for something lighter. A good tinted moisturiser really is worth its weight in gold…and the ideal lockdown companion – not too heavy, quick and easy to apply and just gives you that little boost that prevents you from doing a double take when you glance in the mirror wondering how it’s possible you have let yourself go quite so badly during these lockdown months (gaah!)

I just wanted to put a little recommendation on here for anyone looking to achieve that ‘no make up’ dewy glow…I honestly can’t recommend the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF more highly. I discovered it last summer when I borrowed a friends make up bag while we were getting ready together for a wedding – I had managed to leave mine on the back seat of the car and had that panicky naked feeling at the thought of using someone else’s colour shades.

That day I fell in love with this product, plain and simple – it is fluid like in texture, making it really easy to apply and it gives your skin a dewy glow that gives the impression of no make-up whilst blending any pigmentation and leaving your skin looking naturally flawless and radiant. I have just finished my bottle of SPF 30 and I see they now offer a SPF 50+ (and that includes infrared, thermal and UV protection, as well as fighting against free radicals) – it contains all sorts of other goodness; antioxidants, vitamin D etc. etc. which, to me, justifies the price tag – Sarah Chapman is at the upper end of the scale when it comes to price point, buuuut…one bottle of this lasts a really long time, so I justify it as an investment (even if my husband might not agree!)

(P.S. we are not being paid to advertise this product nor is this an affiliate link – it’s just a link to Sarah Chapman’s website if you fancy having a browse after reading this! www. sarahchapman.com

Camilla X