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A day in the life of Hannah Mitchell

Hannah is the Marketing and PR Manager for Lock & Co Hatters, the oldest hat shop in the world. Lock & Co Hatters holds a royal warrant and has an enviable client list.

What is your morning routine?

Having a toddler means we don’t need an alarm clock! And so my day begins at whatever time he wakes, usually around 6.15am. I can’t function without coffee in the morning so this is my first port of call. Then it’s a quick shower and get dressed before seeing to everyone else. There’s no time to eat breakfast before I leave at 7.30am to walk to work, but I always make sure I pack something to eat at my desk straight away – usually Greek yogurt, a mix of seeds, dried fruits, berries & almond butter.

What is your typical working day?

My day begins at 9am with going through emails. Then it’s reviewing the current and recent press coverage that’s come in. Because my job is so diverse, no two days are the same and so I could be meeting other brands to discuss potential collaborations, designing and writing customer newsletters, planning seasonal campaign shoots, briefing freelancers on new projects, hosting tours of the shop or press appointments, or working with costume directors on movies. The list is not exhaustive! I’m notoriously bad at breaking for lunch and so it tends to be a quick 5 minutes around 3pm, with my day ending at 4.30pm which is when I leave to do the nursery run.

What tends to be the highlight of your day?

Not knowing what I’ll be working on for the day ahead – there might be long-term projects ticking over but for the most part my work is unpredictable. I prefer it this way and it keeps me on my toes.

What do you have for lunch?

It’s always very quick, unless I’m being taken out for lunch, and is usually a soup or salad. Being 18 weeks pregnant I’m conscious of eating smart and so I do snack throughout the day on nuts or fruit and religiously drink three litres of water – my skin reaps the benefits and looks more plump and fresh.

How do you spend your evenings?

I collect my son from nursery at 5.15pm and then it’s back home for the bath/bed routine. He goes down at 7pm which is when my husband gets home, and then we cook. We don’t like to eat late and so always cook something quick – usually chicken or fish with steamed vegetables. If I can prep the following night’s meal ahead then I will as this is such a game-changer. After dinner we catch up on each other’s days and might watch TV, but we are always in bed by 9pm. We need 8-9 hours sleep and this is our biggest luxury!

Nightly routine 

I’ll always shower before bed and use the in-shower Clarins toning body oil which smells divine, and always feels like a treat. I religiously moisturise afterwards using Kiehls Creme de Corps and for my face, having used the Avene foaming wash, cleanser and toner – I swear by Avene – I use the Emma Hardie age support cream. It smells incredible and the thick texture feels really luxurious on the skin. I have a sensitive eye area so use a separate product for this – Kiehls rich avocado eye cream. I’ve used many night oils and serums in the past but I find my current beauty regime keeps my skin consistent and breakouts at bay.