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A Day in the Life of Davinia Taylor

Davinia TaylorActress, fitness fanatic and fast becoming a health biohacking extraordinaire, Davinia’s career started on C4’s hit Soap Hollyoaks playing party girl Jude Cunningham from 1996 to 1998. This lead to roles in comedy film Soul Patrol, ‘Is Harry on the Boat’ as well as a part in an episode of horror series, ‘Urban Gothic’. Looking next to TV presenting, Davinia’s credits include ‘The Big Breakfast’, ‘Top of The Pops and ‘@Play’. With entrepreneurial skills in her genes, Davinia opened her own hair and beauty salon ‘Taylor Made’ in London in 2011 before returning to Hollyoaks in 2016.

Now a mother of 4 boys, recovering alcoholic Davinia’s personal journey has seen her turn her hand to health and wellbeing. Her dedication to fitness has seen Davinia participate in a number of Spartan races as well as successfully completing the London Marathon on behalf of Mind. As a result of a heavily documented party lifestyle, which lead to a dependency on alcohol, post-natal depression, losing her mother to cancer and a struggle to regain her pre-baby body, Davina has biohacked her way to the optimum health. Losing 18kgs within 6 months after the discovery of a genetic test which revealed all the answers to Davinia’s struggles, she has researched, tested, biohacked and bulletproofed herself back to peak performance and is now sharing all her knowledge, secrets and special finds on her instagram (@daviniatayor) to show you the way to optimum health the easy way.

What is your morning routine?

My kids normally wake me up before my alarm at around 6:30am but I do have a Philips Wake-Up light which wakes me up with natural light which I really love. As soon as I’m up I’ll brush my teeth and then drink half a pint of filtered water with added Maldon sea salt and a squeeze of lemon. Whilst I get the kids ready for school I’ll have an espresso coffee with MCT oil and added NICKS stevia in vanilla flavour, this is how I make my bulletproof coffee. I will then make the kids breakfast which will either be organic scrambled eggs or bacon with some sourdough toast. I have a hectic school run ahead of me to 4 different schools in central London at 8am, so I take a flask of bulletproof coffee with me. I take a ashwagandha herbal supplement just before I leave as this naturally helps reduce stress levels ahead of any potential road rage!

What is your typical day?

Once the kids are dropped off, I head to a cryotherapy session which is great for my marathon training because it helps increase my mental and physical performance by improving the blood flow around my body giving me more energy and increased stamina. After cryo, I will head to the gym for a 5k or 10k run or I’ll go to a Barry’s Bootcamp class. On occasion after my workout I will take half a capsule of Niacin (flush) by Solgar followed by 20 minutes fast incline walk and then 45 minutes in an infrared sauna which is vital after a Niacin.

I will then settle down for an afternoon of work which involves catching up on any emails and general business admin. I will have another bulletproof coffee or a matcha to get me through the afternoon of paperwork and meetings. I then pick up my kids from school and get home around 4pm where I will make them a snack such as sourdough toast with honey and I’ll have some bone broth or a glass of celery juice.

What tends to be the highlight of your day?

The highlight of my day is usually meeting people who are like minded and have similar interests to me. I really enjoy getting to know people and meeting my followers in person, like bumping into someone at Barry’s and talking about topics in common. And of course spending time with my husband in the evenings!

What do you have for lunch?

I don’t eat lunch specifically as I will fast until 4pm. But I will have my bulletproof coffees or matcha until around 4pm where I will have some bone broth, celery juice and then dinner a bit later on with my family.

acai bowlHow do you spend your evenings?

Whilst the kids are doing their homework or playing football, I will start to make dinner for all of us which is usually something like a beef stew made with organic beef and potatoes or a roast chicken with organic vegetables which I’ll make a batch of bone broth with. I will sometimes make some chips for the kids using my Air Dryer, which is amazing and I really recommend it, with organic potatoes and using avocado oil. As a sweet treat, I’ll make acai bowls or we will have some chocolate made with stevia instead of sugar.

I will then get the kids ready for bed which starts with bath time using Jason Natural Care bath products which are all natural and organic. Once the kids are in bed I’ll usually have a kombucha from Go Kombucha, my favourite is the Green Sencha flavour! I usually spend some time with my husband watching Netflix and chilling out in the evening whilst lying on my infrared mat which is from Get Fitt, to help reduce stress and relax my muscles before bed. Then I’ll take my evening supplements, some magnesium and 5 HTP which I buy from Together Health. I find these to be really effective as they really help relax my muscles and regulate my mood which is key for me to wind down for a good night’s sleep. I use my Oura sleep ring to help monitor and track my sleep which I find really useful. Before we go to sleep, we turn off all our technology in the house and make sure all our phones are switched on flight mode.

If I’m looking for a way to unwind I grab my headphones and go for a run blasting house music – it really does the trick!

What is your nightly routine?

My evening skin care regime changes depending on the condition of my skin. I have any breakouts I will dry out my skin with some baking soda and a spritz of peroxide and then wash my face thoroughly with either Face Matters Skin Health face wash or my face wash from Neosrata. I will then use a face oil by Marie Reynolds which i absolutely love!