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5 top tips for lockdown skin

Lockdown CAN be a great time for more a more active approach to a homecare regime! Guest expert and skin therapist Jeanie Scott takes us through her top tips for lockdown skin: Skin regeneration: A lot of people struggling with hyperpigmentation, acne or premature ageing want to use slightly more active approaches to help ease or eradicate their skin concerns but can never find the time to have any downtime with peeling, dryness of redness that can occurs during skin regeneration. THIS MUST BE PROFESSIONALLY DEVISED AND SUPERVISED. Book an online consultation with an aesthetics professional, dermatologist or aesthetics doctor before buying or using products or a regime. Skin does not always need to “purge” whilst active regeneration but it is a very normal response to higher strength actives and with staying home and low exposure to UV, it’s worth consideration. Let it be: That said, it’s a wonderful time to let the skin just be. I don’t like the expression “to breathe”, as it will do that all day, every day. But if overuse of products and makeup combined with wintry conditions have left your skin in a pickle, now is a great time to dial it back if you have become sensitised. You must still always cleanse and moisturise morning and evening to protect that lipid barrier and Use daylight protection even in these wintry days in the daytime. Face massage: If you find you have a little more time in lockdown, it’s a great time to try some new approaches like facial massage and face yoga to enhance your skin health or perhaps the use of electrical modalities to intensify product penetration. These are often things people want to try but fear they don’t have the time. It’s an idea to get to grips with how it can easily fit into a routine now and then you have a new great habit formed when we emerge. Vitamin D: It’s all to easy on the particularly grizzly, dark or tougher days to hibernate. Try to get out for at least 30 mins a day to get that essential Vitamin D synthesis in your skin. When sunlight hits the skin it makes Vitamin D from cholesterol and this is essential for full bodily health. De-stress: And this one is for the homeschoolers and all of you finding this time stressful or emotionally challenging. Stress can affect the skin just as it does the body so, as often idealised as it can sound, try to get some time to relax. Whether you like to blast cardio, stretch with yoga, unwind with a glass of wine (yes, FINE. Maybe not the bottle) or a cuppa, go for a walk…whatever your pleasure…make sure you take time to indulge it. If your sleep is being affected, take time to do things to promote a healthier night’s sleep, be it a bath, skin products with sleep promoting ingredients, breath work. You need it and your skin will thank you for it.