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Wellness ideas to fit any schedule and budget

When you think of getting fit, you might start having dreams of joining a gym and spending hours making healthy meals from organic produce in the kitchen. The truth is, being fit doesn’t have to take a chunk out of your day or your wallet. Luminous Face Yoga shares the following tips to help you work wellness into your day conveniently, without making major changes.

Update Your Home to Promote Wellness

One of the easiest ways to accomplish wellness is to set yourself up for success. Arrange things in your home so that good decisions are easier to make.
  • Lower stress and fatigue. When you’re less stressed and tired, it’s easier to stop and think about healthy choices. Make a point to minimize clutter, deep clean and organize your home to make it more livable. You can also access expert advice to help with certain cleaning projects and products to make this an easier task.
  • Remove temptation. Make sure your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with healthy foods and filtered water. When you limit or remove unhealthy options, it’s hard to give them consideration.
  • Maintain a quiet space. Pick your favorite space in your home, and make a quiet nook where you can meditate or just sit alone with your thoughts to process your day. Make it comfortable with pillows and good lighting.

Sneak Physical Activity Into Your Day

You don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. You can sneak activity into your day, even at work, in the simplest of ways. For instance, choose walking up the stairs instead of an elevator ride. Instead of sending an email across the office, take a quick walk to your co-worker’s desk. You can even take some time out of your lunch break or after work to take a nice walk. To up the benefits, isometric walking — where you walk and exercise your arms — doubles the results in the same amount of time. At home, consider squeezing in a set of squats while you look for dinner ideas in the pantry, or lunge from room to room instead of walking. Additionally, consider finding new neighborhoods or areas to walk, and expand your horizons.

Adopt a Face Yoga Practice

Face yoga is a unique form of exercise that can help you improve the health and beauty of your skin. With regular practice, face yoga exercises can help to reduce wrinkles, lift the face and relax muscles in the neck and jaw area. It can also improve circulation, release tension, and make your skin more supple. Additionally, face yoga has been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety as it helps to increase endorphins in the body for a sense of calmness. Incorporating face yoga into your daily routine can result in healthier skin with an overall improved complexion.

Stay Hydrated

No matter what sort of healthy ideas you’re squeezing into your day, you probably aren’t drinking enough water. Because your body is anywhere from half to three-quarters water, staying properly hydrated is essential. According to the Mayo Clinic, intake for the average woman should be about 11.5 cups daily, while men should be getting 15.5 cups every day. Keep a bottle of water with you throughout the day, and take a sip whenever you think about it. You can also use other liquids to count towards your hydration goals, though try to keep added sugars to a minimum to avoid extra calories. As long as you aren’t feeling thirsty and your urine is clear to very pale yellow, you should be doing fine.

You Can Do It

No matter your budget or schedule, there are plenty of ways to make wellness a priority. Taking time for yourself and embracing physical and mental health have lasting returns that can benefit your life long-term. Embrace the small moments in your day and prioritize taking care of yourself. You deserve it!