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christmas tree


Sustainable gifting this Christmas

With the leaves turning and falling from the trees, and the clocks going back very soon, we can’t help but turn our attention to the fact that Christmas is around the corner! After another tough year globally with Covid, we all deserve to have a very merry Christmas with those we love, full of joy and indulgence. However, for many of us, we are increasingly conscious of not wanting our moments of joy to have a long lasting negative impact on the planet. In the UK alone, we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each Christmas and send a billion Christmas cards (33 million trees), there is a clear environmental cost to gift-giving. Every kilogram of paper generates 3.5kg of carbon dioxide. This is before you consider the millions of well intended but misguided gifts that end up in the bin…that bottle of perfume where the scent just wasn’t ‘you’, that jumper you will never wear, those teeny, tiny travel bottles of skincare product, beautifully packaged, but so small you never got around to bothering with them! Noone wants to be a Scrooge…the gift of giving dates back as far as we can remember and for many, has religous symbolism…Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the giving and receiving of gifts of some kind… But how about we make a conscious effort to give sustainable gifts this year? What if you could give a gift with no carbon foot print at all? And not only that, a gift that focuses not on material goods, but on a gift of self-care? At Luminous Face Yoga, we can offer you sustainable and carbon free gift packages that are perfect for your friends and family, and perfect for the planet… Gift the Glow, £20: Gift your loved one an all access pass to Luminous Face Yoga for a month. This includes access to all 10 targeted face yoga programmes, 4 live classes, member discounts and more! Gift Annual Membership, £120: A generous gift of self-care that will last all year! You will be treating your loved one to unlimited access to all Luminous Face Yoga programmes, routines and live classes (weekly), along with member discounts, access to the Relaxation Hub and more… How do you know they’ll like it? So many of our gift memberships are bought by current members who love Luminous so much and want to shout about it to their friends; there is no greater testimonial than that! Give joyfully and guilt-free this Christmas!