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Our resident skin care expert answers your questions

jeanie scott skin care therapist guruEach month, our resident Skin Therapist Jeanie Scott picks some of your skin care questions to answer. This month, she is answering questions related to sun damage and sunscreen, and what Retinol does and when we should use it.

If you have a skin related question that you’d like Jeanie to answer, do get in touch via info@luminous-london.com and she’ll do her best to answer as many as she can.

Is a daily application of Factor 15 sufficient on cloudy winter days? Not all tinted moisturisers and foundations include a higher factor…

I’ve heard that Retinol can fight the signs of ageing and you should start as early as possible, is this true?

Where do I use Retinol in my skin care routine? I usually do oil, massage, serum then moisturiser but keen to start with Retinol, but not sure where to fit it in? Also, should one take a break from Hyaluronic Acid every now and again?

Is it possible to reverse sun damage?