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New research suggests Botox interferes with brain activity

At Luminous Face Yoga, it is no secret that whilst we certainly don’t judge those who choose botox as a way of keeping age at bay, we are fairly wary of it ourselves. The way that Botox and other anti-wrinkle injections work is that the molecules attach to the nerve endings in your muscles to block the impulse from the nerves that make the muscle contract. Essentially, paralysing your facial muscles. Due to lack of use, the muscles are often weakened as a result of Botox and therefore, often, when the Botox wears off, the facial wrinkles look worse than before. However, what really concerns us is this week’s news that Botox in the forehead has been proven to interfere with brain activity when they look at happy and angry faces, possibly because the paralysis of muscles means they can’t mimic the expressions they see. You can read the full story in the New Scientist. At Luminous, we believe fervently that if people understood the power of natural face yoga techniques to keep signs of ageing at bay, they wouldn’t even consider going down a riskier route. Face exercise, face massage and facial relaxation is so incredibly powerful in reducing lines and wrinkles, as well as preventing more from appearing… But it is done in a way that BENEFITS face health:
* Reducing tension in the bones and muscles
* Increasing blood circulation to feed the skin
* Boosting collagen production naturally
* Toning muscle to plump out skin
* Bringing a consciousness to your facial muscles to help you break repetitive habits that cause signs of ageing
* Strengthening facial muscles to support the structure of our face
Many of us are getting better and better at reducing chemicals in our food, skincare and house hold products, and yet Botox is still ridiculously popular. Why? Perhaps because people don’t understand that there is another way; a natural, healthy way… If you have been considering botox but you feel wary in light of this new study, then why not try some natural alternatives first. Once you discover face yoga, you will be SO glad you didn’t go down the injectables route!