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Luminous Loves – A Multivitamin For The Skin

During lockdown I have found an early evening bath (once the children have gone to bed at around 7pm) to be an absolute tonic. Time to close the door, pour a deep (hot!) bath and have a quiet 20 minutes…it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the day, or wash away the day – depending! But it’s my time to pause and reset…it punctuates the end of the day and signals the start of the evening.

Growing up it was standard procedure that our parents would disappear at around 6.30pm to shower and change, before appearing downstairs and pouring a drink – this time feels particularly special on holiday, after a day spent in the sun… post shower, feeling fresh and ready to sit with a G&T and a good book, enjoying that last hour before the sun goes down.  I digress, because I actually sat down to write about one of my lockdown finds – the 79 Lux Golden Oil, which I started using several weeks ago, after my evening bath…the truth is, this nourishing body oil transports me back to feelings of warm holiday evenings every time I use it. 

beauty nutritionistThe oil is made by nutrition expert Karen Cummings-Palmer and has been described as ‘a multivitamin for the skin,’ – it really feels exactly like that.  It’s important to give the bottle a good shake before use and it then glides effortlessly onto your skin, absorbing quickly – leaving no sticky residue – quite the opposite, your skin feels instantly hydrated, with the subtlest of golden glow (hence the name).

Made from a decadent list of cold pressed and essential oils including Marula, Frankincense, Rose and Helichrysum this oil really does justify the price tag.  I was sceptical about using it on my face, but my fears were unfounded…it turns out this oil works beautifully used all over your body and I have been using it while doing my face massage too.  The smell is just strong enough – not overpowering but enough to feel spoiling.  The ritual of applying this oil has become something I have come to look forward to every day and the subtle sun kissed glow it gives really does make for ‘rejuvenated, luminous and firmer looking skin’ – so exactly what it says on the tin!

I was gifted this bottle by Karen, but I wouldn’t write about it unless I thought it was brilliant – Philippa and I made a pact when we launched our business at the start of the year, that we would never compromise our integrity by doing that.  If we say we like a product it’s genuine.  This oil comes in a generous 100ml size, and I will certainly be purchasing some myself when this one is nearing the end…it has become a firm lockdown favourite which I shall continue on the other side!

79 Lux Golden Oil, £68