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lady sleeping


Let’s talk about sleep wrinkles…

Sleep wrinkles are a very specific kind of wrinkle, formed by friction pf your skin against the pillow while you sleep. As we age, our collagen and elastin levels drop, meaning our skin loses strength, resilience and elasticity. This makes sleep wrinkles more likely to become entrenched over time.

But don’t despair!! @sleepandglow have come up with an amazing solution to combat, reduce and prevent sleep wrinkles and it is now CLINICALLY PROVEN!

In a recent study, in 82% of cases, sleep wrinkles were significantly reduced (in both volume and length) after 3 months of using the Omnia @sleepandglow pillow. The pillow has special cut aways that means it gently cradles the face, producing less friction.

I am not surprised by the results, because i have definitely noticed a reduction in sleep wrinkles when i sleep in my side, from using this pillow. And because it is designed by Orthopedists, it is also really supportive for your neck, which has certainly improved the neck pain i sometimes wake up with from a conventional pillow.

I can’t say it didn’t take a few nights to get used to it, but it’s worth it! And its such a sustainable investment, compared to alternatives like creams and injectables. The perfect accompaniment to your face yoga!!

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