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woman sticking tongue out


How does tongue posture affect our appearance and health?

Did you know that there is such a thing as good tongue posture, and that practising good tongue posture can have a serious on your appearance and overall health? No? Then read on, this is worth knowing! Why is poor tongue posture a problem?
  • Poor tongue posture can significantly affect the overall appearance of your face as it can pull the bones of your face down. The weight of gravity on the tongue, jaw, and cheeks impact bone alignment, which can ultimately affect your facial appearance.
  • It also promotes mouth breathing which is a less effective way to breath as you take in less Oxygen
What causes poor tongue posture?
  • A number of conditions can lead contribute including blocked sinuses and nasal irritation which can lead to keeping your mouth open at rest.
mouth breathing image There are two significant benefits to practising good tongue posture:
  • Improved appearance
  • Supports nasal breathing which increases Oxygen levels in the body
The skull bones are flexible, fibrous joints and they can alter position over time. When we practice good tongue posture, the Maxilla (bones of your upper teeth, nose and parts of your cheek) are lifted up against the natural weight of gravity, thus giving a more lifted and defined face. So what is good tongue posture? At rest, the tongue should lightly rest pressing against the top of the mouth. Learning to be conscious of what the muscles in the face, head and neck are doing and how you use them is an important factor in face yoga…when you bring consciousness to your habits and muscles, you can erase some signs of ageing and prevent more from coming with very little effort! Combine this consciousness with face exercise, massage and relaxation and you are on a fast track to a more youthful looking face! Join Luminous Face Yoga today and get 20% off all membership plans with the code IMREADY. Check out memberships