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Do you wake up puffy?

Do you wake up puffy? Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning and realising you look like your face has been stung by bees can be a real source of frustration for many, and even a source of embarrassment when it takes hours for your face to ‘drop into place’ and lose that ‘just woken up look.’ What causes puffiness? Puffiness is usually caused by a build up of fluid in the face that has failed to drain away to the lymph nodes. Puffiness is usually worse in the morning because of the positions we adopt when we are sleeping…but more of that in the next article on sleeping habits! Unfortunately, a tendency for puffiness can be hereditary, and this tendency for puffiness often worsens with age. As we age, the muscles around the eyes weaken, and we loose collagen. In turn, the fat that supports the eye can sink lower, creating an appearance of puffiness which is exacerbated when fluid collects in the area overnight. There are also a number of other factors that can contribute to puffiness in the face:
  • Dehydration – this can cause blood vessels to enlarge that can lead to water retention
  • Excessive sun exposure – sun damage can cause the tissues to swell because inflammation is the bodies natural response to damage
  • Too much salt – too much salt in the diet can lead to water retention
  • Not removing makeup adequately at night – this can lead to the eye area becoming irritated and swollen
So what else can you do to reduce and combat puffiness?
  • Improve diet – Reduce toxins in the body through cutting down alcohol, nicotine and poor food choices. Toxins break down collagen and also lead to inflammation
  • Sleep habits – Learn to sleep on your back to aid natural drainage throughout the night and ensure you get a good quality night’s sleep
  • Cucumber – Placing cucumber slices over the eyes does have scientific plausibility! The juice of the cucumber can reduce swelling, soothe damaged skin, and stimulate antioxidant activity. It is also cooling and refreshing which brightens the skin.
  • Practice face yoga techniques – face yoga takes a holistic approach to face health and fitness. Aside from the above lifestyle changes, face yoga massage techniques can reduce puffiness naturally, by giving the lymphatic drainage system a boost. These can be performed with Gua Sha tools or with fingers.
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