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woman on bed looking at phone


Are you suffering from tech neck?

Our guess is that if you are reading this, you are looking down at your phone right now…and when you think about it, you probably spend a decent proportion of your day looking down at your phone or laptop…probably hours if we are being honest!! Technology is here to stay, and brings a huge amount to our lives, it gives us knowledge at our fingertips, keeps us connected to friends and family, entertains us and keeps us on schedule…let’s face it, technology is going nowhere fast! But…do you often find that you feel tense in your neck and the back of your head? Perhaps you are beginning to notice that you are losing definition in your jaw, or even that you are beginning to develop a dreaded double chin or turkey neck? These small but repeated tech habits are bad for our bones, muscles and of course, faces! Here are 6 quick hacks to combat the effects of tech neck:
  • Be mindful of using your phone – When you are relaxing in the evening, put your phone out of reach to stop the automatic and mindless scrolling!
  • Hold your phone up – When you need to use your phone, hold your phone up level with your face so that you are not looking down all the time – this is really important in keeping your lower face in good shape
  • Work station – Make sure your work station is set up correctly so that you are not looking down at your computer and be mindful of your posture
  • Simple tension release exercises – do regular shoulder rolls and shoulder shrugs to release the tension in the neck and shoulders. Try this: Inhale for 4 counts through your nose and raise your shoulders to your ears…then exhale through your mouth and drop your shoulders down. Repeat this 5 times…you’ll instantly feel better!
  • Gua Sha the neck and jaw – gua sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique which is great for reducing tension, boosting blood flow, and sculpting the muscle
  • Neck toning exercises – at Luminous Face Yoga, we have so many great neck toning exercises. Toning the platysma neck muscle will smooth out the skin and give you a youthful looking neck…turkey necks be gone!! Try this quick one right now…clasp your hands together behind your back and stretch your arms down. As you do this, raise your chin up to the ceiling, just out your lower lip and feel the stretch in your neck- hold for 5 deep breaths, rest and repeat. Feels good, right??
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