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A day in the life of Aglae Dreyer, the model who won’t sacrifice wine or dessert

Aglae Dreyer Curvy modelAglae Dreyer is a top Belgian, plus-sized model who has been lucky enough to call Brussels, NYC and London home over the past decade. Now based back in Brussels, Aglae’s modelling takes her all over the world for photo shoots…

We caught up with Aglae to find more about her daily routine, although, in her line of work, no two days are the same…


What is your morning routine? 

coffee cupWhen I am home, I am woken up by my baby around 7am. When on the road I usually have to wake up very early to go work. But wherever I am, I am the type of person that can’t skip her breakfast and coffee or I ll be grumpy!

What is your typical working day?

With me there is no typical working day. It’s always in different locations, with different teams. But it usually goes like this:

I get to the studio, get some coffee, and go in the makeup and hair chair. Then I am in front of the camera for the whole day.

What tends to be the highlight of your day?

Seeing my baby boy in the morning.

Or my coffee!

What do you have for lunch?

It depends but usually a salad or a sandwich. Sometimes I’ll go grab some type of Asian food.

How do you spend your evenings?

We play and put our baby boy to sleep.

Once he is in bed, my husband and I always love to cook ourselves something fresh and tasty and open a nice bottle of wine. I light a few candles and we put on some music and have dinner and chat. It’s so lovely.

What is your nightly routine?

I can’t go to bed very late anymore (midnight feels like 4 am as a young working mum) but before I go to bed (around ten) I always use some cleansing water, spray some rose water and put a rich karite balm on my face. I also put some dry argent oil on the ends of my hair. I brush my teeth of course and put some lip balm. And when I am feeling very motivated I put some cream on my body and on my feet (that I put in some socks afterwards).