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5 minutes with KLORIS founder, Kim Smith

Kim Smith launched KLORIS with friends after feeling frustrated by the lack of ethical, reliable, science-backed CBD products available on the market.

Having spent months searching the globe for the purest CBD, cultivated and extracted in the most respectful and sustainable way. They then blended it with organic ingredients to create beautiful products with efficacy the core purpose.

We caught up with Kim about CBD oil – what it is, how important it is to invest in decent quality product and how CBD oil is being incorporated into skincare.

What exactly is CBD oil?

CBD is a compound that is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant. It is not psychotropic so it will not get you “high” unlike the other well known compound from cannabis / hemp – THC.

CBD interacts wth our body’s Endocannabinoid system and that system’s main function is to create homeostasis (balance).

CBD oil is arguably one of the biggest health trends we’ve seen in the last 2 years but is there an element of placebo associated with the use of CBD?

I think the growing body of both research and hugely positive anecdotal evidence is driving the ongoing love of CBD. It is rare that one compound can work on so many levels. Add to that its natural and from plants and it’s understandable to see why it is very appealing.

People are starting to realise its not pseudoscience or some mumbo jumbo. The Endocannabinoid system that CBD interacts with is real and recognised medically, people are feeling real feedback and news like that spreads!

Now onto ‘placebo’ I do feel the West has a very strange view of this; If you look into the realms of integrated health you can see that the “placebo effect” can be highly positive – its about recognising the power of our brains and using that to useful effect, it should be harnessed not ruled out.

The cost of CBD oil can vary significantly, do you get what you pay for?

Yes. But even then I would still always urge people to check each brands credentials as there can be some expensive products out there that aren’t great too! With good quality CBD, transparency is key, and knowledge is everything in order to get the most out of supplements of this nature.

So firstly, look out for what the plant has been grown in or with, check it is without the use of pesticides. The reason for this is that cannabis is a bio accumulator – meaning it is capable of absorbing both the good and the bad from the air, water, and soil in which it’s grown. If pesticides were used it’s possible that they could be passed through to the CBD extract.

Next up is strength and efficacy, ensure there is a clear labelling on the concentration of CBD. The same goes for THC, there should be clear guidelines on the trace amounts of THC in the final product.

After this look into the extraction process. The cheapest and easiest ways to extract CBD oil commonly involves harsh solvents that can leave chemical residues (including butane, propane, and ethanol) in the CBD oil or balm. The best extraction method, and what we use here at KLORIS, is called Supercritical CO2 extraction which basically uses carbon dioxide (CO2) under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to pull out as much CBD as possible without the use of any chemicals.

Batch numbers and openness with regards to Lab Testing is also vital before feeling confident that a CBD product is a “good” one. At KLORIS we publish all of our test results under each product online. We feel this is an essential part of our practice.

All of these factors will of course mean that “good” CBD has a higher price point than “bad” CBD but quality really is everything when it comes to CBD and plants in general.

What’s the main reason people take CBD oil?

The top 3 reasons are sleep disorders, anxiety and pain relief.

How frequently should you take it and is it possible to overdose? I.e. is it possible to get high if you take too much?

Daily supplementation is considered the way but to go but it can vary depending on the individual’s needs. Recent guidelines suggest 70mg per day

What are the benefits of CBD in skincare?

The role CBD has in skincare is different and numerous. Properties and benefits include – that of a powerful antioxidant and being hugely anti-inflammatory which helps fight the ageing process, as well as helping to nurture the brightness, tone and texture of the skin. This is largely because it is so calming and helps speed up healing from the daily stresses our skin faces. Because of this, it can be a great choice for those with sensitive skin or particular conditions such as acne or those prone to redness… it also has a great function in helping to heal irritation from things like retinols, peels, harsh weather and other procedures, making it a wonderfully versatile skincare ingredient.

We know CBD oil is legal in the UK but is it safe to travel with it to other countries legally?

To most places yes, but there are still some counties where you should not take CBD – the best thing to do is check what the most up to date rules are at the destination before flying.

You put a lot of emphasis on respecting the environment – how is this reflected in your brand?

We make numerous efforts in this area – we are 100% natural, 100% plant based, vegan and cruelty free, we do not make anything in large batches so we have zero wastage of products. All of our packaging is either biodegradable, recycled and recyclable. Even our mailing parcels are unbleached kraft card.

We also have an initiative with the World Land Trust and our SUPERBOOST Face oil; for every oil sold KLORIS fund protecting and replanting 40m2 of threatened habitats in Colombia, Mexico and Zambia. This not only creates more carbon absorbing and oxygen giving forestland but also protects habitat for endangered species.