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Save or splurge? Sheet masques…

This month we are putting Patchology’s Hydrate Masque to the test against its cheaper counterpart, Garnier’s Moisture Bomb to see whether it is really worth paying that bit extra to achieve optimum results…


Packaging 8/10

The Patchology packaging is simple, bright and appealing and looks good on the bathroom shelf. The product was easy to open.

Usability 9/10

Patchology pride themselves on “beauty at the speed of you,” ensuring that their products work, even when you are pushed for time. This sheet masque didn’t disappoint on this front, as you only had to leave it on for five minutes (though could be left on longer if desired). The masque unfolded easily and it was no problem applying it to my face with no issues of ripping. Once you remove the masque, the residual serum soaks in rather than you needing to wash it off.

Effectiveness 6/10

The active ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine and Arginine. I do have fairly thirsty skin and I was a little disappointed that my face didn’t feel more hydrated when I had finished and I found myself reaching for the moisturiser immediately, which I haven’t felt the need to do with other masques. My skin also looked a little red, though I do have sensitive skin.

Value for money 6.5/10

Patchology’s masques are not as expensive as you might first think. They are often sold in packs, such as the Perfect Weekend pack, which contains three masques and retails at £20, which means that while the per masks cost (£6.60) is more expensive some, it is not prohibitively so. This would inevitably have scored higher in this category had I felt it was as effective as I hoped.

Verdict: Average Score: 7/10

This is a reasonable masque for the money, but in all honesty, it won’t become my ‘go to’ hydration masque. I am looking forward to trying the other Patchology sheet masques in my pack, such as Illuminate to see how they fare against cheaper alternatives

Garnier Moisture Bomb

Packaging 5/10

The Garnier packaging looks like a masque you would see on the shelves in Boots or Superdrug (which is exactly what it is!). The product was easy to open.

Usability 9/10

The masque was easy to apply – although the slits on either side of the face confused me..I tried to hook them over my ears and then realised that couldn’t be right (it turns out it isn’t, they are to help contour the masque to your face!). I then used my jade roller to really smooth the product to my face.

Effectiveness 9/10

This masque is really juicy – my face felt unbelievably hydrated after use –it is enriched with pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid, and plant serum..my skin didn’t sting at all (which can sometimes happen with masques as my skin can be sensitive). I massaged the residual serum left on my skin into my face and my face felt amazingly soft and rejuvenated.

Value for money 9/10

Amazing! Usually £2.99, I bought mine on offer at £1.95 from Superdrug..you really couldn’t ask for more from a masque at this price point. I have tried lots of more expensive masques which haven’t been nearly as effective.

Verdict: Average Score: 9/10

I would definitely recommend this masque – it doesn’t cost the earth and leaves your skin feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated