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Five minutes with Sarah Hancock, founder of Skin & Tonic

Sarah HancockSarah Hancock is the co-founder of Skin & Tonic, a surprisingly affordable British organic skincare brand. As a brand, they are committed to only using gentle, certified organic, fresh ingredients that benefit the skin, reduce sensitivities and support health. 

We caught up with Sarah to learn more about Sarah founded the brand along with her boyfriend and it is now stocked all over, including Selfridges Face Gym, Planet Organic and Anthropologie.

Skin & Tonic skincareWhat was your inspiration for starting Skin and Tonic?

I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis in 2009 and consequently had a lot of issues with my skin. I wanted to use minimal, certified organic, results-driven skincare and wellbeing products to help calm my skin and body. This inspired me to created Skin & Tonic, we create products to calm the skin and the mind, they are never made with more than 7 ingredients, are sustainable and palm oil free.

The beauty industry can feel so overwhelming, with so much conflicting advice and products making bold claims- to anyone struggling to navigate this industry, what advice would you give?

Less is more, I’ve seen incredible results from really pulling back to a few key, multitasking organic products. For me using an effective, gentle cleanser has been a game changer (I use our Calm Clean) that helps to balance sebum levels without stripping the skin. I’m also an advocate of facial oils that are packed full of omegas, vitamins, antioxidants that can work wonders on this skin.

Your range is really affordable, despite being an organic range with locally sourced ingredients, how have you managed this and what was your inspiration behind keeping the price range accessible to all?

Organic beauty and wellbeing has always been perceived as a bit elitist. I wanted to create a brand that was both accessible and affordable because I believe everyone has the right to use beautiful, organic skincare and wellbeing products.

Are you an advocate of facial massage when applying products?

Yes, I love to use facial massage when I’m applying my cleansing balm and my facial oils. Facial acupressure always seems to help boost my circulation, increase blood flow and reduces puffiness and it always helps me to relax and calm down. I’m a fairly anxious person so I look forward to my calming bedtime ritual and facial massage each evening.

Skin & Tonic Calm BalmWhich Skin and Tonic product could you not live without?

Our best selling Calm Balm. It is a relaxing and soothing wonder balm, great for dry, irritated skin but you can also massage it on your pulse points and breathe in the deeply calming Lavender and Chamomile oils. I carry it everywhere with me and keep one by my bedside too.

Tell us about the magic number 7 in terms of ingredients for your products…

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do, as a consumer I wanted to understand the ingredients in my skincare and why they were a benefit to my skin. So we decided to keep everything very minimal and each ingredient is there for a purpose. No harsh preservatives or cheap fillers.

Your business partner and co-founder is your boyfriend, as you know, we are sisters and co-founders- what advice do you have for people working with their partners or family?

Make sure you have different skill sets, divide and conquer and know when to ‘switch off’ and respect each other (even when you have different opinions).

Men’s skincare seems to be a growing trend and your brand feels quite unisex, do you have a lot of male customers?

Our brand is unisex and its important to us that both men and women can enjoy our products, however the majority of our customers are women.

Are you a believer in the growing trend to integrate beauty and wellness?

Yes absolutely. We create products that calm the skin and the mind. The two are intrinsically connected.

woman in bed sunday morningWhat are your top wellness tips?

Eat well, lots of fresh fruit and veg. Lots of water, herbal teas and probiotics for gut health.

Sleep is key to feeling good (as a new mum I’ve really struggled with lack of sleep) so now anything that encourages me to get some shut eye is great. I love a long bath with essential oils and Epsom salts, a face mask and a facial massage and then to apply our Calm Balm before I drift off.

Find little ways to make yourself feel better, whether that’s going for a run, doing some yoga, , dancing around the kitchen to your favourite new music track.. For me wellness is about balance and it’s about finding moments of joy and gratitude and looking after my mental health.

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