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Fact or Fiction: Your nose continues to grow as you age

The good news is that this is not true!! The nose is primarily made of cartilage and this does not continue to grow throughout adulthood.

However, the reason this myth persists is that the nose can certainly appear to get larger throughout middle age and later life.

The reason for this is that collagen is a key component of cartilage, and as we age, that collagen begins to break down and is not regenerated by the body in the same way it is throughout our younger years. This breakdown of collagen and other fibres in the nose can give the appearance of your nose ‘spreading.’

In addition, as we move into middle age, gravity inevitably begins to take its toll on certain areas of the face, and for the nose, this can result in drooping which again can give the appearance of your nose appearing to grow.

So…the big question, can face yoga actually shrink your nose?
No, sadly face yoga won’t shrink the cartilage of your nose but don’t despair…Luminous face yoga techniques CAN alter the appearance of the nose for the better with some gentle reshaping techniques. Click here to try out just one way of reshaping the nose through face yoga! And if you love the idea of learning natural techniques to combat premature and unnecessary signs of ageing, why not join us today? A wealth of incredible techniques, advice and expert support is waiting for you! And use the code LUMINOUSYOU for 10% off today!

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