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Give the gift of time and self-care this Mother’s Day with our special offer!

This year has been punishing in every way. But for many, the lack of physical contact and bonding time with our mothers has been one of the saddest and most difficult aspects of the pandemic.

This year, most of us won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day in person with our mothers, but are looking for a personal and thoughtful gift we can send that goes further than a commercial gesture…

Luminous Face Yoga is offering its first ever ‘Two Together’, two for one membership, because our members have told us that learning and practising face yoga together has been a profoundly bonding and sanity-saving experience over the last year.

Luminous Face Yoga takes a holistic approach to face health, helping our members look and feel their best naturally. Through toning our facial muscles, boosting collagen production, and de-stressing the face and neck, you really can roll back the years, or keep them at bay! The relaxation and mindful aspect of face yoga has been extremely important to our members in recent times.

“My daughter and I have made it part of our daily routine to do one of your routines together during lockdown. We love it!” Jane, Luminous member since March 2020.

Luminous Face Yoga comprises:

  • Face Exercise
  • Face Massage
  • Relaxation
  • General wellness

Every pillar is important in order to look and feel your very best. Membership includes weekly live classes, targeted face yoga programmes, dozens of routines, discounts on wellness and beauty brands, personal progress tracker, Relaxation Hub (full of tools to calm the mind and body), and much more!

This Mother’s Day, why not give your wonderful Mum (or someone very special) the gift of both your time together, and of self-care with a Luminous Two Together membership!

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